Motorola spin-off of mobile business?

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Motorola is considering a "structural realignment" to spin-off its mobile device business. The article mentions that Motorola's main problem is its inability to come up with something new to follow the one-hit wonder Razr. If it does, in fact, move in this new direction, Motorola should consider two things.

The first is to structure the organization so there is a sustainable creation of value; this means using design and design thinking to help explore and expand growth opportunities. The second is to think more systemically about its design. Let's face it, after getting my iPhone, I've never thought twice about the horrible user interface on the Razr phone. Motorola took the design only so far. Kind of like an attractive person with ugly teeth.

No doubt the Razr introduced a new dimension to what's possible with industrial design on handsets, but it needs to put as much emphasis where a product's personality really comes to life: the user interface.


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