Sharepoint and Facebook are now friends.

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There are a lot of challenges in this very interesting shift of enterprises becoming more web and mobility-centric. We are just at the beginning of businesses coming to grips and embracing concepts like social networking and mobility to be more productive, though they do come with the complex requirements of keeping company data secure.

However, more and more we are hearing of the shift in the way we communicate and how that is impacting the way we work, not only the way we live our personal lives. Philips, Intel, and now post merger Alcatel Lucent are publicly stating and developing strategies to develop offerings for the "dynamic enterprise".

The right offerings for this shift will be more transformational and less incremental; they will initiate behavior change in enterprises. More than ever, design is in a better position to help understand how people communicate and interact and imagine the future of work. Designers who leverage the social sciences into their work will provide the most value. So, let's step it up guys!


    Big players are definitely trying to figure out how these web 2.0 tools can be useful in a corporate setting. Enterprise software companies will play a big role in the mass adoption of these technologies, because clients will want these tools to be connected to their core systems.
    As a token, SAP has already a fully functioning social networking tool for the enterprise, Harmony, that will soon be rolled out

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